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Flights from Brussels to Amsterdam Schiphol

Cheap Flights from Brussels to Amsterdam Schiphol

Flights from Brussels to Amsterdam Schiphol are operated by 7 airliners – Malaysia Airline, KLM Cityhopper, China Southern Airlines, KLM, Delta Air Lines, Syrian Arab Airlines and Kenya Airways. The most popular are provided by KLM Cityhopper. They operate around 2 flights a day departing from Brussels Airport and arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol. In the morning there is 6 flights, 4 flights in the evening and 0 flights at night with the earliest departuare at 06:25 and latest departure at 18:25. Please be aware that flight times and the number of flights will vary between summer and winter months. The most common flight number for this flight is WA 1720, WA 1722, WA 1724, WA 1726 and WA 1732.

Other airliners offer less frequent flights but departure times may be more desirable. KLM offers 2 flights a day from Brussels Airport to Amsterdam Schiphol between the hours of 06:25 and 18:25. The flight numbers for these flights are KL 1720, KL 1722, KL 1724, KL 1726 and KL 1732.

KLM Cityhopper flight prices from Brussels Airport to Amsterdam Schiphol can be found at

Below you find a list of all the airliners that operate flights from Brussels to Amsterdam Schiphol and how many flights depart on a per day basis.

KLM Cityhopper5050000
Delta Air Lines4040000
Malaysia Airline3030000
Kenya Airways2020000
Syrian Arab Airlines0020000
China Southern Airlines1010000

Do you need to get travel fast? You will find alternative routes from Brussels to Amsterdam Schiphol that require 1 or more stops and in some instances the timing may be more convenient or a quicker route. View the table below to see alternative route that are possible.

RouteStopsTotal Distance
Brussels > Amsterdam Schiphol0165 Km (103 Miles)
Brussels > Heathrow > Amsterdam Schiphol1745 Km (463 Miles)
Brussels > Madrid Barajas > Amsterdam Schiphol12,880 Km (1,790 Miles)
Brussels > Lyon St Exupéry > Amsterdam Schiphol11,360 Km (845 Miles)
Brussels > Copenhagen Kastrup > Amsterdam Schiphol11,440 Km (895 Miles)
Brussels > Frankfurt > Amsterdam Schiphol1695 Km (432 Miles)
Brussels > Munich Franz Josef Strauss > Amsterdam Schiphol11,310 Km (814 Miles)
Brussels > Vienna Schwechat International > Amsterdam Schiphol11,955 Km (1,215 Miles)
Brussels > Milan Malpensa > Amsterdam Schiphol11,515 Km (941 Miles)
Brussels > Rome Fiumicino > Amsterdam Schiphol12,560 Km (1,591 Miles)
Brussels > Berlin tegel Otto Lilienthal > Amsterdam Schiphol11,255 Km (780 Miles)
Brussels > Barcelona > Amsterdam Schiphol12,410 Km (1,498 Miles)
Brussels > Warsaw > Amsterdam Schiphol12,330 Km (1,448 Miles)
Brussels > Lisbon Portela > Amsterdam Schiphol13,695 Km (2,296 Miles)
Brussels > Vantaa > Amsterdam Schiphol13,920 Km (2,436 Miles)

Return flight are operated by 8 airliners which include Malaysia Airline, KLM Cityhopper, China Southern Airlines, Jat Airways, KLM, Delta Air Lines, Kenya Airways and Tunis Air. More information on return flights can be found on our Flights from Amsterdam Schiphol to Brussels page.

Alternative routes to Amsterdam Schiphol

As a substitute, you will discover that Rotterdam Zestienhoven also give flights to Amsterdam Schiphol which could be more fitting for you. Rotterdam Zestienhoven has around 0 flights a week though you will find the number of flights vary from month to month so check with the airline currier for the most up to date information.

If you wish to look at this alternative solution then remember Rotterdam is around 117 kilometers (73 miles) from Brussels. Choosing this root would probably require you look at alternative travel arrangement or look at alternative airport parking where costs could vary from airport parking provided at Brussels. More information can be found at Flights from Rotterdam to Amsterdam Schiphol. Flights to Amsterdam Schiphol are also available from Rotterdam Zestienhoven; 44 flights a day depart from the airport.

RouteStopsTotal Distance
Rotterdam > Amsterdam Schiphol045 Km (28 Miles)
Rotterdam > London City > Amsterdam Schiphol1640 Km (398 Miles)
Lille > Marseille > Amsterdam Schiphol11,795 Km (1,115 Miles)
Lille > Lyon St Exupéry > Amsterdam Schiphol11,290 Km (802 Miles)
Lille > Toulouse Blagnac > Amsterdam Schiphol11,780 Km (1,106 Miles)
Lille > Strasbourg > Amsterdam Schiphol1855 Km (531 Miles)
Lille > Bordeaux Mérignac > Amsterdam Schiphol11,620 Km (1,007 Miles)
Lille > Nice > Amsterdam Schiphol112,230 Km (7,599 Miles)
Eindhoven > Stansted > Amsterdam Schiphol1670 Km (416 Miles)
Rotterdam > Gatwick > Amsterdam Schiphol1695 Km (432 Miles)

Arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol

If a friend or relative is collecting you at Amsterdam Schiphol then make sure they visit our Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Arrivals page that gives all needed about the flight arrival; planning the trip can useful should there a delay. Alternatively, if you choose to hire a car then visit our Cheap Car Hire Amsterdam Schiphol page which will give you the cheapest car hire quote from all companies based at Amsterdam Schiphol.

The time zone at Amsterdam Schiphol is different to Brussels so bare this in mind when you arrive. The time zone is GMT +1.0 compared to GMT +2.0.

Getting to your destination from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport should be reasonably easy and quick. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is around 13 kilometers (8 miles) from the center of Amsterdam where a lot of people are intended to travel to. Most airports generally have a number of transport methods situated at the airport so this gurney should be quick and simple. Amsterdam has a population of over 741,600 so you if you are searching for places to stay then there should a number of hotels and hostels.

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